Eco Slim: dietary drops. Review for 2018

Weight loss is a process that requires a certain amount of moderation and self-control, which is not always the case with the fair sex. Any woman cab refrain from eating sweet foods for a few times, but following a strict diet and working out regularly for 3-4 months is a lot more difficult. This is where slimming products like Eco Slim help to accelerate and simplify the weight loss process.

Today we will review dietary drops called Eco Slim. The product is very popular on the internet and has accumulated hundreds of reviews. Rich in vitamins (according to the manufacturer), it stands out among other similar products.

What is Eco Slim? Description

Eco Slim is an innovative patented slimming product. Its formula contains a combination of minerals and vitamins that stimulate the process of weight loss. The product is ecologically safe and consists of all-natural components. Combined together, these components reduce appetite and caloric content of food and stimulate fat cell burning.

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How to lose weight without Eco Slim?

How to achieve the desired number on the scales without the use of these drops? How difficult would that be for a regular woman? Those who have repeatedly and unsuccessfully tried to lose weight already know that in order to slim down, you need to create calorie deficiency, i.e. to spend more calories than you consume. All diets are based on this principle. However, any diet has a big disadvantage: once you stop following it, you start gaining the lost kilos back.

This happens because while on a diet, you force your body to save energy and to ‘value’ every calorie it receives, and once you eat normally again, your body immediately starts storing all the extra calories in the form of fat reserves. People often gain even more than they’ve shed during the dieting period.

There are two main ways to lose weight, and the end result will greatly depend on them:

  1. Healthy eating. It is a lifestyle rather than a diet, i.e. 90% of your daily meals should consist of low-fat and sugarless foods. Once a week, you are allowed to eat ‘cheat foods.’ Follow this rule throughout your whole life rather that during short periods of time.
  2. Physical activity. You need to work out to spend more calories, to build muscle (men), to maintain the health of your internal organs and to look better (everyone).

Additional weight loss tools include:

  1. Sports supplements;
  2. Dietary supplements;

The former are mainly used to increase muscle mass. The latter, for example, the Eco Slim slimming drops, are used to reduce fat mass. The main benefit of these products is the fact that they accelerate the results. However, if you are not in a hurry to lose weight, the most reliable way would be to go without dietary supplements.

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Beneficial properties of Eco Slim

The Eco Slim dietary supplement has a beneficial effect on the body. Its regular use eliminates problems with the digestive tract and discomfort in the stomach. Within the first week of use, a gradual loss of the extra kilos becomes obvious. These initial positive changes lead to an increase in your energy levels, you feel better and want to lead a more active lifestyle.

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Composition of Eco Slim: main ingredients

We will start with the most important part – the composition of Eco Slim, because we need to find out if there are any harmful components that make this product contraindicated in some people or, probably, make it dangerous for everyone.

The main components of Eco Slim are:

  • Caffeine: stimulates cardiovascular activity and digestion
  • Guarana extract;
  • Taurine: accelerates metabolic processes and burns fat. It also helps to reduce blood sugar levels;
  • Coleus forskohlii extract: reacting chemically with the body, it ultimately promotes the breakdown of fat stored in cells. It is capable of speeding up the metabolism.
  • Chitosan: binds fat molecules directly in the digestive tract. Reduces caloric value of your meals.
  • Fucus algae extract.

Except for caffeine, which is well known and is used here to stimulate the nervous system and to provide you with energy for the whole day, all other components are not known to us.

Leave your positive and negative feedback about Eco Slim so that other users can form their opinion and understand whether the product works or not.

We have found out more about every unknown component of Eco Slim in order to understand whether this slimming product poses any health dangers. We can confirm that all of them are completely safe and are not dangerous for the human body in any way. They are highly unlikely to cause any allergic reactions, unless you have an individual intolerance of any of these components.

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Vitamins contained in Eco Slim

We are now going to list all the vitamins that are included in the formula а Eco Slim. The manufacturer points out that the combination of vitamins is unique to the product. B vitamins directly contribute to fat splitting. This product contains a sufficient amount of them to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Here is the list of all B vitamins included in the formula of Eco Slim:

  • B2: normalizes hormone levels;
  • B5: breaks down fats in the body;
  • B6: promotes faster metabolism and makes your nails and hair look healthier;
  • B8: lowers blood cholesterol levels;
  • B12: improves the metabolism.

B vitamins play an important part in the metabolic processes inside the body, i.e. directly affect the digestion of food, splitting on proteins, fats and carbohydrates, energy release, etc. Eco Slim is rich in B vitamins, so it can be assumed that the product will be effective for weight loss. However, it is the real user reviews that can provide an unbiased opinion and understanding whether it is worth buying this dietary supplement.

It is important to follow the instructions to achieve the best results from using the drops.

Eco Slim: dietary drops

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How to take Eco Slim: instructions for use

We always point out that you can’t underestimate the importance of following the instructions. Observing all the steps exactly as described by the manufacturer is mandatory. If you don’t follow the instructions, you risk failing to achieve the full effect of using Eco Slim.

Since the product is produced in the form of drops, it is very easy to use:

  1. Pour a glass of water (100 ml);
  2. Add Eco Slim drops into the water and wait for it to dissolve;
  3. Drink the resulting drink.

Let us remind you that the product increases energy release during the day. This is achieved through an intensive heat transfer. Doing your usual activities, you spend more calories, which eventually leads to weight loss.

Contraindications: the product is not recommended for nursing mothers and children. It won’t be effective for a child, and nursing mothers don’t need it at all. An overdose may cause nausea and dizziness even in healthy people, which is quite normal, so make sure to follow the instructions.

The manufacturer claims that with the proper use of Eco Slim for weight reduction, you will achieve excellent results, and you will slim down very quickly. Let us add, however, that you should not forget about healthy eating habits and physical activity – these are the essential elements for weight loss success.

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What is the price of Eco Slim and where to buy it?

Weight loss products are very popular on the Internet, which allows fraudsters to disseminate false information very quickly. The most common mistake when ordering Eco Slim is when customers buy the dietary supplement from dubious sources rather that from the official website of the supplier or manufacturer. The fake websites are cashing in on the popularity and reputation of Eco Slim.

We checked all the online shops that we could find and found the only reliable source – the website of the manufacturer (we have provided the link below). You can be sure that this website offers the original Eco Slim.

Speaking about the price and discounts, some websites that sell counterfeit products claim that Eco Slim is always sold at a fixed price, but it isn’t so. The manufacturer regularly offers discounts and promotions, reducing the price to stimulate more sales, so it is possible to buy the slimming drops half-price. However, less lucky customers will buy the product at full cost.

We encourage you to leave your comments about the effectiveness of the product. Only real reviews about Eco Slim can help other users avoid mistakes when ordering it. We hope that this review has been useful and you have learned some true information about the product.

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Real customer reviews of Eco Slim


I learned about Eco Slim from a friend, she praised it so much. She managed to lose 7 kg. I decided to order this miracle product to give it a try, too. But no miracle happened. I only lost about 5 kilos though I expected much more significant results. Perhaps my sedentary lifestyle is to blame. Besides, our bodies may react in their own way to certain products.


I heard about Eco Slim a long time ago, but I didn’t want to spend my money on in, so I tried to lose weight using folk methods. They were useless, to be honest. If you add up all the money I’ve spent on slimming teas and cheap pills, the total amount will be much greater than the price of Eco Slim. I should have bought Eco Slim right in the beginning. I saw the first results during the first week of use. I had to make some efforts too to facilitate maximum effectiveness. I lost about 3 kg in two weeks. I didn’t eat starchy foods and drank plenty of water.


Real customer reviews of Eco Slim

I’m almost ready for the beach season. I’m taking my second course with Eco Slim. I’ve lost more than 6 kilos so far. And it’s not the end. I need to shed at least eight kilos. I have been working out eating split meals, so the results have not been long in coming! The drops work like clockwork, steadily lowering my weight. I wouldn’t trade them for any other product.


Real customer reviews of Eco Slim

It’s an effective, time-tested product. Thanks to Eco Slim, I will be able to get a waist at last. I had to spend quite a lot of money on it though. I took these drops for 4 months. Sometimes, I used 2 packs in a month. It helped me to achieve an incredible effect: I lost 12 kg! I didn’t expect to lose 12 kg in four months. It’s too good to be true, but it’s true! It’s all thanks to Eco Slim.


Real customer reviews of Eco Slim

I knew a lot about Eco Slim but hesitated to buy it. My boyfriend bought it for me. He gave me two packs for my birthday! During the first 2 months, my muscles were toned (I was working out) and I lost a considerable amount of weight. I’ve lost 4 kg so far. I’m really happy and proud of myself. There’s still half a pack left. I’ll have to order more of it because I need to perfect my body some more.


I started gaining weight after 35. I have a sedentary work and a family to take care of, so I have no time to hit the gym. My colleague and I took Eco Slim every day.

We almost immediately stopped binging on food because we weren’t that hungry anymore, and a week later we noticed the first changes. In two months, I became almost 20 kg lighter! Before that, I had always struggled to lose at least 5 kg! My colleague got rid of 15 kg, and she’s also very happy. We can’t recommend this product highly enough.



I was fat for as long as I can remember myself. I was constantly on a diet. I kept struggling with my weight. I decided to buy the product after reading so many positive reviews of Eco Slim on the Internet. During the first month, I lost 6 kg, and then I lost 6 more during the second month. Time goes by but my new weight is stable. To say I’m surprised is to say nothing. I keep drinking it every day. So happy with the results!


Real customer reviews of Eco Slim

I had no idea I was gaining weight until my wife told me. I looked in the mirror and saw a fat man. I tried working out and jogging, but my work was sucking the life out of me and I was too low on energy. My wife found Eco Slim on the internet, read the reviews and suggested me to try it. I lost almost 8 kg in the first month, and now I have a lot of strength and energy, enough for the gym and active vacations with my wife and kids. And my work isn’t killing me anymore!

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