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Beautiful teeth have always been a necessary characteristic of a beautiful and successful person. But due to bad ecology and food and water destroying the enamel, modern medicine findings suggest that most of the population knows about issues related with teeth. Dental care can be regarded as a pain: teeth are destroyed and hurt, prevent you from eating properly, sleeping at night and leading a normal life, and dental services are expensive. What can we do to keep our breath fresh and our teeth healthy and white? It is necessary to properly select the means for oral care and use them correctly. Therefore, Ideal Dent was created; a toothpaste with a sealing effect.

What is Ideal Dent?

Ideal Dent is a remineralising toothpaste with a sealing effect. It allows you to get rid of cracks and the initial stages of cavities at home without visiting the dentist. In addition, it effectively cares for cavities and teeth, preventing their damage.

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Useful properties of Ideal Dent

White teeth are not only an important characteristic of a person, but also a sign of oral health. However, improper or insufficient care of this area often leads to cavities, various gum diseases and also a persistent yellow or gray coating on the tooth enamel.

The yellowing of teeth and general deterioration of their condition is due to insufficient calcium, phosphorus and fluorine in your diet. Such useful products include sour-milk, fish, beans, cereal and nuts. The teeth get damaged when trying to open bottles, cracking nuts etc. This can hurt not only the gums, but also the teeth leading to cracks and chips.

Also, damaged tooth enamel occurs when exposed to contrasting temperatures. It happens when you eat cold and hot food at the same time. Enamel is destroyed and cavities and cracks appear.

Tobacco is also a harmful substance for the teeth. Substances contained in cigarette smoke not only damage the internal organs of a person, but also your teeth, worsening their colour and causing cavities.

Incorrect brushing is also one of the causes of cavities. A person often does not clean them thoroughly enough, does not brush the inner surface of teeth and gums nor do they use dental floss and special mouthwashes. All this leads to damaged tooth enamel over time.

Regular examination of the oral cavity in the dentist’s office is the guarantee of dental health. But more recently, a unique alternative to expensive and often painful procedures for the treatment of damaged teeth has appeared. A real breakthrough in the field of dentistry; the remineralisation toothpaste called Ideal Dent, containing nano-particles of liquid enamel.

Advantages of Ideal Dent

  • Reliable protection against cavities. Due to the saturation of the enamel with minerals, the ailment is simply not able to be developed.
  • Works like a filling. The active components present in the paste go into the cracks and chips of the teeth, even if microscopic in size, and fill them from the inside. Thus, the process of crystallization and elimination of existing damage occurs.
  • Effective teeth whitening. Nano-particles that are contained in the active formula Ideal Dent, are embedded in the enamel and protect it from yellowing as well as whitening the surface.
  • Removal of plaque. Teeth have bacteria and food residues, which provoke the formation of cavities. Therefore, removing it is the best prevention of diseases of the mouth and teeth.

After using this toothpaste, teeth become smooth, shiny and naturally white. In addition, Ideal Dent gives you fresh breath and clean feeling in the mouth.

Results are noticeable after a month of regular application of the Ideal Dent toothpaste. Teeth become noticeably whiter, healthier, stronger and cracks and cavities are eliminated.

Unlike expensive dental procedures for teeth whitening, the use of Ideal Dent is painless, inexpensive and completely safe. Many methods of bleaching harm the tooth enamel, thinning and destroying it. Remineralising toothpaste does not have this risk. On the contrary, it strengthens the teeth while whitening them.

Ideal Dent composition: main components

The main active ingredient is called hydroxyapatite; it provides uniqueness, efficiency and currently the best thing out there. It is made from sea shells. Since the enamel itself consists of hydroxyapatite crystals, the substance perfectly copes with the task of filling microcracks. When your enamel and bone tissue are deficient in minerals and salts, cavities develop, sensitivity of teeth increases, and signs of demineralisation appear.

Nanoparticles of hydroxyapatite fill the microcracks of the enamel therefore strengthening the weakened and damaged areas of the teeth. In addition to hydroxyapatite, Ideal Dent includes:

  • Calcium and mineral supplements, which remove the inflammatory process, strengthening the enamel inside and out and preventing the formation of cavities.
  • Lime and mint for an antiseptic effect, disinfecting the oral mucosa, treating the gums and giving you fresh breath.

These ingredients make this product unique and relevant. Today, the product is popular among dentists, who recommend Ideal Dent for treating cavities and oral care to their patients. Further in the review you will learn how the product works, and how it gives a beautiful and healthy smile to a person.

How to use Ideal Dent? Instructions for use:

Use this whitening and remineralising toothpaste easily at home. It has never been easier to whiten and treat teeth.

To achieve maximum effects, you should use Ideal Dent according to the instructions:

  1. Squeeze a small amount of toothpaste onto a wet brush.
  2. Brush the teeth for 2-3 minutes, brushing the gum as well.
  3. Clean the plaque with circular soft movements.
  4. Spit out the remnants of the paste and rinse the mouth with copious amounts of water.
  5. Repeat the procedure twice a day – in the morning and in the evening.

It is recommended to use the toothpaste for at least one month. If necessary, Ideal Dent use can be extended.

The remineralizing toothpaste includes harmless hypoallergenic components that do not harm the teeth and do not damage human health. It also does not include fluoride, a product that is advised against but still used in dentistry.

All components of Ideal Dent are as close to the natural components of human tooth enamel in structure as possible. Therefore, even children can use this product. It has no contraindications and does not have any side effect.

Ideal Dent can be used as your basic toothpaste, regardless of existing problems you’re your teeth and oral cavities. Caution should be taken when using this toothpaste for people who have specific intolerances to certain components. Therefore, it is important to carefully read the ingredients before use.

Ideal Dent price and where to buy toothpaste? Order Online

The remineralising toothpaste is currently very popular all over the world. You can buy Ideal Dent on the manufacturer’s website today with a 50% discount.

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Expert opinions on toothpaste

Many leading dentists from all over the world have already had the opportunity to experience this unique product. Almost all of them were satisfied with this remedy and agree that Ideal Dent is the only toothpaste that whitens teeth without harming the enamel.

Mishel, dentist

Most of my patients come with complaints about increased sensitivity of their teeth, the appearance of microcracks on the surface, yellowing of the enamel, and the development of cavities. Earlier I could only recommend expensive professional dental procedures, but now I am able to help many people with simple advice; buy Ideal Dent from your local pharmacy. This is a toothpaste with a unique formula that contains nano-particles of hydroxyapatite. They gently and effectively level the microcracks of the teeth, remove plaque and stone and do not allow cavities to develop. In addition, the “liquid enamel” whitens teeth and removes stains, caused by coffee, tea, cigarette smoke. After cleaning their teeth using Ideal Dent, the oral cavity heals, the breath becomes fresh, and the teeth whiter. I recommend it to all patients; this toothpaste is the best out there.

Ideal Dent reviews

This toothpaste deserves the praise it gets from its numerous fans. It is popular all over the world, and you can find positive responses about this product in many dental forums.

Anna, 34 years

This toothpaste was recommended to me by a good friend, who is a dentist. She said that it is a unique development, which is yet to be discovered. I had a few small cavities on my teeth, and I decided to try it. I bought it on the manufacturer’s website Ideal Dent and did not regret it! It really is a worthwhile product that perfectly copes with cavities and whitens teeth at home. It seems to me that not every dentist will recommend this to their patients because otherwise what is the point in their services if dental treatment can be performed at home for much less money. For our family, this toothpaste has really saved both out teeth and budget. Do not spend money on “specialists”, this home remedy is much easier!

Kate, 23 years old – a real Ideal Dent review

I inherited bad teeth. I have been going to the dentist for as long as I can remember. I was always at the dentist, I experimented with vitamins, mineral supplements, toothpastes and mouthwashes. But all to no avail; my enamel was very weak and my teeth were literally crumbling. So I would have continues suffering if a distant relative had not told me to try a sealing effect toothpaste. I read reviews about Ideal Dent on the internet; it was all positive, no one responded negatively about this product. I decided to buy it because it was quite inexpensive. Now I can say with certainty that I can no longer remember what new fillings are! My teeth are stronger than ever before. I had small cavities but they disappeared. And my enamel is much whiter. In general, I only have positive comments; I’m completely delighted with this toothpaste. I will use it all the time!

Mike, 38 years

I have smoked for a long time and like to drink coffee often. Of course, this is not the best thing for my teeth. First, they turned yellow. Secondly, I have many fillings. I have been afraid of the dentist since childhood, that’s why I am an infrequent guest. But I understand that without dental treatment I will one day lose my teeth. So I decided to go to the dentist and pay for treatment. But I decided to postpone and look for modern dental treatment. And I found it! Ideal Dent remineralises teeth, saturates the enamel with the necessary minerals and bleaches them. After a month of regular use, I almost forgot how my smile looked before the start of the course. I have no cavities left! It is an excellent product, I recommend it to everyone!


Ideal Dent is a unique toothpaste for remineralisation and whitening that protects the mouth and enamel. It effectively removes plaque and microcracks in the teeth while restoring their natural whiteness and health.

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