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Varicose veins are a common phenomenon and are common in many people. It can be caused by standing on your feet for a long time, heavy physical loads, disturbances in the body and other reasons. In the pharmacy, you can buy various medications and ointments that will help in the treatment of varicose veins, but their relief is usually short lived. Therefore, scientists have invented an effective and natural remedy in the fight against varicose veins – Varikosette cream.

The cream for varicose veins, Varikosette, has caused a furor among the population. With it, you can quickly cure varicose veins, and for this, you do not need to buy expensive drugs. Now, the cream is being bought by more and more people and it is gaining a high popularity.

With regular use of the Varikosette cream, you can not only cure varicose veins, but also prevent its reoccurrence. Phlebologists performed a thorough investigation of vein dilatation, until an effective agent was invented that would safely get rid of varicose veins. Also, the cream can be used not only to treat the disease, but also for the prevention of varicose veins.

What is Varikosette Cream? Description of the product for varicose veins

There are varying causes of varicose veins. They can be caused by but are not limited to constant sitting and very little movement. Hereditary reasons, when relatives had similar problems. Varicose veins often occur during pregnancy, when the legs are under a lot of stress (due to a heavy load) or if there are bad habits.

The Varikosette varicose cream, which have only the best reviews, will help you to cope with the problem quickly, and also prevent their appearance. Once you notice the first symptoms of varicose veins, you should not delay treatment, because it will only get worse and worse, so it is not good to get further behind in treatment.

Description Varikosette Cream

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Hendel’s Garden – manufacturer of Varikosette Cream

Varikosette is the only cream that contains all the necessary and highly effective ingredients to really treat varicose veins. The balm has a complex effect, eliminating the symptom of the disease – protruding veins, nodules, vascular networks, and relieves swelling and the burning sensation in the legs. All Hendel products are certified and comply with the international quality standards according to EAC.

The cream was created by scientists over the course of 5 years. It is based on natural extracts obtained from ecologically clean plants growing in Asia. The production is carried out using the same technology used to produce German natural cosmetic products by Hendel. This technology is designed to preserve the maximum amount of medicinal properties in medicinal plants. As a result, the active components of the agent restore and heal varicose veins.

The product has passed many tests and laboratory tests. The product has no contraindications in use and does not cause an allergic reaction.

Varikosette cream also has the following advantages:

  • consists exclusively of natural components;
  • helps to treat varicose veins in both the initial and late stages;
  • has a healing effect on the affected veins;
  • easy and simple to use.
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Treatment of varicose veins at home with Varikosette

  • Effectively eliminates the symptoms of varicose veins;
  • Relieves swelling and cramps;
  • Narrows the veins;
  • Helps improve blood microcirculation;
  • Causes vascular mesh, cones and thrombi to disintegrate;
  • Heals trophic ulcers caused by improper treatment.

With Varikosette, you will learn how to easily treat varicose veins and properly take care of the skin on your legs. When applying the cream, it begins to actively restore the veins. With regular use of the cream, venous deformations are prevented. Legs become more beautiful and attractive. The drug can make formed blood clots and knots dissolve, as well as reduce swelling of the legs and the accompanying heaviness.

This treatment for varicose veins has earned high respect around the world, because its composition is exceptionally natural and environmentally friendly. With its use, you will quickly feel how the varicose recede, and very soon you will not be ashamed of your legs, because they will not have a single sign of varicose veins. Many people worry that the fact that the cream can have a negative effect on the internal organs, but it’s not something to concern yourself about at all! Its use is absolutely safe and acts only locally, that is, it acts only on the legs and veins.

According to the doctors who recommend Varikosette cream for varicose veins to their patients, a positive trend in the early usage is observed in 90% of cases. It can’t cure overly advanced forms of varicose veins.

Treatment of varicose veins at home with Varikosette

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Composition of Varikosette cream: basic ingredients

  1. Extract of horse chestnut. A special chemical substance in the horse chestnut, called aescin, has a venotropic effect. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous effect. The plant extract accelerates the blood flow, reduces vein fragility, and reduces capillary permeability. Also, it improves the nutritional uptake of tissues in case of puffiness and blood supply disorders. It is used for thrombosis, since it stimulates the production of antithrombin. It also removes vascular marks and bruises.
  2. Ginkgo biloba extract. It makes the blood vessels elastic and does not allow the inflammatory process to develop. It also improves blood circulation.
  3. Menthol. It helps to relieve the heaviness in the legs and puffiness, while strengthening the blood vessels.
  4. Sunflower and corn oil. These components contain a high amount of vitamin E, which strengthen the walls of the vessels.
  5. Witch hazel extract. Eliminates thrombotic formations, relieves edema and promotes the disposal of lymph fluid.

Composition of Varikosette: basic ingredients

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How to use Varikosette: instructions for use

The cream will not only help women, but also men, because they also have the problem of varicose veins.

It is easy to use Varikosette cream. It does not take much time to complete the procedure. First, it is recommended to rinse the legs under running water, and after, to dry with a towel. Then you can start applying the product itself. This should be followed by massage movements, from the feet to the hips. After this, you need to wait a few minutes for the cream to be absorbed into the epidermis. And after that you can dress and continue your usual business.

You should follow the above instructions up to 3 times a day. The duration of treatment is one month. If we are talking about the very initial stage of varicose veins, then two weeks of using this cream will be enough.

How to use Varikosette: instructions for use

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There are no contraindications to Varikosette

All the components used have been carefully checked, so it is possible to say with full confidence that it is safe and harmless. Even prolonged use of Varikosette cream is not capable of causing side effects. And this testifies to the absence of any serious contraindications. In rare cases, an individual reaction of the organism to one of the components that make up its base may occur. In this case, then the use of the drug should be stopped or postponed for a while. Also, the cream should not be used during pregnancy.

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Price and where to buy Varikosette cream (75ml)?

Varikosette is supplied in limited quantities in pharmacies and it is sold with a surcharge. Therefore, to get it at the manufacturer’s price, it is better to order the cream online on the official website for Varikosette. In the order form, leave your number, and a manager will call you back in 20 minutes to receive your mailing information. The next day, the parcel will be sent. Costs are relatively inexpensive. Thus, if you make an order on the official website, then you can buy the goods with a 50% discount.

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What phlebologists say about the cream?

In medical forums for second year students, Varikosette cream is discussed. Experts note that the result actually exists, and they have begun to introduce the drug into their practice of treating patients suffering from varicose veins. Phlebologists note that the cream is most effective at stage 1 or 2 of the disease. In more advanced cases, additional prescription for drugs with internal action is necessary.

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Real customer reviews and opinions about Varikosette


Real feedback and opinions about Varikosette

My legs began to swell, although I’m only thirty years old. The doctor diagnosed me with varicose veins, which made me very upset. The doctor recommended balm for varicose veins. I found information on Varikosette balm on the Internet. It had received many positive reviews, so I ordered it online from the official website and also received a discount. I was not wrong with my choice – it really helped me, my legs are no longer swollen, and they don’t get tired. Now I keep it close at hand at all times!



My mom likes this cream, I ordered it a couple of weeks ago, and it helped her get rid of the pain and fatigue in her legs. The cream is made of natural ingredients, with pleasant smells and a nice texture. Now my mother always asks me to order this cream. Only with Varikosette, does she feel better. Now, she can’t even imagine using another leg cream.

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